Delay in Free Textbook Distribution Impacts Education in Government Schools in Kashmir

Delay in Free Textbook Distribution Impacts Education in Government Schools in Kashmir

The students enrolled in government schools in Kashmir are facing academic challenges as they have not received free textbooks from the department for the new academic session, which started two months ago. This delay in textbook distribution is impacting the education of students as they do not have access to study materials required to learn.

Book Bank Initiative

Under the Book bank initiative, teachers take over the textbooks of the previous year from the students after they are promoted to their next class. These textbooks are then used by the students who are promoted to the next class. However, the initiative has not been fully effective as most students end up using worn-out textbooks that are not updated with the latest content.

Incomplete Textbook Sets

Several districts in Kashmir have reported incomplete sets of textbooks provided by the department, leaving students without study materials for specific subjects. For example, only three out of eight books have been provided to Class 7th students, and only two out of five textbooks have been provided to Class 5th students.

Book Availability

The department has directed school heads and teachers to create a book bank and utilize old books, providing 25% from these used textbooks to the students while the rest of the 75% will be provided by the department. However, the department has failed to provide the complete set of textbooks, leaving students without necessary study materials. This has created chaos in schools, as students are left without textbooks.

Response from School Education Department: A top official in the School Education Department (SED) has promised to address the issue and provide all students with textbooks as per their requirements. The official assured that the matter would be looked into on a priority basis and that they would not let any student suffer due to the delay in textbook distribution.

The delay in the distribution of free textbooks is a significant challenge for the education system in government schools in Kashmir. The Book bank initiative, which was introduced to address this issue, has not been successful due to the lack of updated and complete sets of textbooks. The School Education Department needs to take immediate action to ensure that all students have access to the necessary study materials to continue their education.

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