Cricket World Cup Fans in for a Treat: Free Popcorn and Drinks at Wankhede Stadium

Free Popcorn and Drinks at Wankhede Stadium

Cricket World Cup Fans in for a Treat: Free Popcorn and Drinks at Wankhede Stadium

MCA’s Fan-Friendly Gesture

The Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) has made a generous decision to provide complimentary popcorn and cold drinks to cricket fans attending World Cup games at the Wankhede Stadium.

Amol Kale’s Initiative

MCA President Amol Kale announced this initiative after the South Africa vs. Bangladesh World Cup league match held at Wankhede Stadium. The decision is set to enhance the fan experience during the World Cup.

Details of the Offering

Fans attending matches, including India vs. Sri Lanka, Australia vs. Afghanistan, and the semi-finals, will need to present their tickets at the counter. Once their tickets are stamped, they will receive free popcorn and a cold drink, courtesy of the MCA. This initiative will apply to non-hospitality areas.

Duration of the Offering

The complimentary popcorn and cold drink offering will begin with the India vs. Sri Lanka game and continue throughout the tournament until the semi-finals. The MCA is committed to covering the cost of this fan-friendly gesture.

Sachin Tendulkar Statue Unveiling

In addition to the popcorn and cold drink initiative, the MCA is set to unveil a life-size statue of cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar on November 1, just ahead of the India vs. Sri Lanka match.

Honoring Sachin Tendulkar

This tribute to Sachin Tendulkar was decided earlier in the year, and a prominent artist from Ahmednagar in Maharashtra has crafted the statue. The statue will be prominently placed outside the MCA lounge, providing fans with an opportunity to take pictures with it, set against the backdrop of the iconic stadium. Sachin Tendulkar had visited the location earlier, expressing his enthusiasm for the project. This statue aims to honor one of India’s greatest cricket icons and provide a memorable experience for fans.

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