Controversial Claims Rock ICC World Cup 2023: Allegations of Toss Rigging and Match-Fixing Emerg.

Controversial Claims Rock ICC World Cup 2023: Allegations of Toss Rigging and Match-Fixing Emerge

Controversial Claims Rock ICC World Cup 2023

The ICC World Cup 2023 has been marred by controversy as former Pakistani fast bowlers Aaqib Javed and Sikandar Bakht level serious allegations against India, accusing the BCCI of rigging tosses and fixing matches. These claims have added to the ongoing string of accusations, raising concerns about the integrity of the tournament.

Aaqib Javed’s Allegations:

  • Aaqib Javed contends that the BCCI rigged the toss in favor of Team India in every match of the World Cup.
  • Accuses India captain Rohit Sharma of foul play during the semi-final against New Zealand, alleging that the toss was manipulated.
  • Questions Rohit’s technique, claiming the coin is thrown, not tossed, and raises doubts about the necessity of involving captains in the toss.

Sikandar Bakht Joins the Fray:

  • Sikandar Bakht alleges that Rohit Sharma, in collaboration with the ICC and BCCI, fixes the toss.
  • Highlights the peculiar way Rohit Sharma tosses the coin, suggesting it is done to keep the opposition captain at a distance, preventing them from crosschecking the call.

Controversial 2011 World Cup Final Allegations:

  • Aaqib Javed extends accusations to the 2011 World Cup final, claiming India rigged the toss against Sri Lanka at the same venue.
  • Accuses BCCI of controlling cricket, asserting that this World Cup is planned for India’s victory.

Recurring Theme of Allegations:

  • Former Pakistani cricketers, including Aaqib Javed and Hasan Raza, have consistently accused India and the BCCI of various malpractices in the ongoing World Cup.
  • Previous claims range from manipulating DRS to providing different balls to Indian bowlers for swing.

Potential Impact on Tournament Integrity:

  • The repeated and severe allegations cast a shadow over the credibility and fairness of the ICC World Cup 2023.
  • Calls for an investigation into these claims to uphold the sanctity of the tournament and maintain the trust of cricket fans worldwide.

As these allegations continue to make headlines, the cricketing community awaits responses from the ICC, BCCI, and other relevant authorities to address the concerns raised and ensure the integrity of one of cricket’s premier events.

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